Let Everyone Know Your Excellence Index Status!

Displaying your Excellence status to your customers and employees builds trust and connects everyone to your products and services. Do you want to attract more customers, and employees, and ultimately sell more of your products and services? Then, what are you waiting for? Try out one of our banner mock-ups showing off your Excellence status and get noticed now!

Big Vertical Banner at a Shopping Mall

If you’re looking to promote your Excellence award, then this vertical banner mockup at a shopping mall might be just what you need. So what are you waiting to make this banner mockup part of your visual marketing campaign? It’s time to step up your marketing game, and believe us when we say there’s no better way for you to do this than by showing off your Excellence award status and applying it to your product!

1129 X 1958 px

Product Packaging

Highlighting your excellence in sustainability, customer service, and inclusion in the Newsweek Excellence 1000 Index directly on your product packaging is a powerful strategy. This approach has a proven track record of strengthening visibility, brand reputation, and sales. 

Close-up Mockup of a Billboard Placed over a Freeway

Check out this billboard mockup placed high over a highway and visualize how you can take full advantage of your Excellence award. It’s as easy as that!

2000 X 500 px

Vertical Banner Mockup

Try this vertical banner mockup for your Excellence status and see how great your print design will look. Let your consumers relate to how you place excellence at the center of your business model!

400 X 900 px 

Public Display in Airport, Bus, Train Station, or Inside a Store

Prominently display your commitment to excellence in customer care, your industry, sustainability, and more on this subway, in-store, airport, or other public display.

1200 X 700 px

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